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We at Heartland Trails are thrilled with the new Wine Revolution that is happening in the U.S. today! Having lived in Tuscany, I understand that wine should be a part of everyday life – like water, oxygen, love and laughter. Wine need not be pretentious or intimidating. There’s a wine for every taste and budget and always keep in mind, there are no wrong answers! Wine is about personal taste and preference – not what someone else says you “should” be drinking. Do you prefer Coca Cola, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper? Wine isn’t any different… Cabernet, Pinot Noir or Norton, it’s all just a matter of taste!

With all 50 states now growing and/or producing wine, the United States is on the verge of becoming a Vino-Powerhouse! According to a new research reportUS Wine Market Forecast to 2012” by RNCOS, consumption of wine in America is anticipated to reach almost 906 Million Gallons per annum by the end of 2012. Consequently, the U.S. will become the largest consumer of wine in the world, outperforming Italy and France.

Heartland Trails raises a toast to you… the wine-makers and the wine-drinkers of America… CHEERS!

If you have a favorite Winery, we’d love to hear about it! You can vote for your favorite Wineries in our Vote for Best of 2010 feature at HeartlandTrails.com. Registered HLT-Users can vote for their favorite businesses from each county.

Search our Heartland Trails database of businesses to find the nearest Wineries to you or at your next destination.

There are now over 5,000 wineries in the United States. Following is a list of the top 25 wine producing states in the U.S.:

  1. California (2032 wineries)
  2. Washington (457 wineries)
  3. Oregon (296 wineries)
  4. New York (241 wineries)
  5. Virginia (142 wineries)
  6. Texas (136 wineries)
  7. Pennsylvania (115 wineries)
  8. Michigan (112 wineries)
  9. Ohio (108 wineries)
  10. Missouri (88 wineries)
  11. Illinois (86 wineries)
  12. North Carolina (74 wineries)
  13. Colorado (72 wineries)
  14. Iowa (62 wineries)
  15. Florida (46 wineries)
  16. Oklahoma (46 wineries)
  17. Kentucky (44 wineries)
  18. New Jersey (41 wineries)
  19. Wisconsin (41 wineries)
  20. Indiana (42 wineries)
  21. New Mexico (36 wineries)
  22. Idaho (32 wineries)
  23. Maryland (31 wineries)
  24. Massachusetts (31 wineries)
  25. Tennessee (29 wineries)

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